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Learn why we prefer gold-dentures over any other solutions like porcelain.


As people age, the enamel on the teeth tends to wear down and get thinner. Many people are in need of dentures at an early age while some older adults over 65 are already wearing dentures. Dentures are necessary when the loss of teeth happen. The dentures provide a stabilizing frame for the jaw bone that was lost when teeth are missing. Dentures also make it easier to eat certain foods, and they look good when you smile. Very little thought is given, by denture recipients, to the materials that dentures are made of. Many people are unaware that there are many materials that can go into the making of dentures.

It is often that gold dentures are seen in an older adult, but in previous decades dental gold was the only material used along with porcelain. Most partial dentures are made with alloys like nickel, gold, or chromium. Full dentures seldom contain any metals. Dental gold is sometimes used for the person who wants the appearance of having god dentures. The gold is mixed with the other metal to form an overlay over one or more teeth. This serves a vital purpose for the denture wearer, with an important purpose being to protect the underlying material against constant brushing, and strong food and drinks rish with acids that could harm denture material.

People should opt for dentures made of gold, platinum, or palladium materials for the longevity and the easy care. Normally, dentures today are not made of metal but acrylic. At the request of the recipient, dental labs can use a mixture of metals if the person desires that they do so. This could mostly be in the framework of a partial plate, or to maintain the strong structure of full dentures, besides gold dentures are very attractive.

The Benefits of Porcelain Dentures V.S. Gold Dentures

There are many different types of dentures to choose from. Most denture decision-making comes down to availability and functionality. Moreover, most dentists only choose to offer a couple of different types of dentures that likely include plastic teeth. Think about this: when you get a dental crown to cover a broken or decayed tooth, do you get a plastic replacement tooth? Your answer is likely no. You get a porcelain crown which, in some cases with advancing dental materials, can be even stronger than your natural tooth. 

Porcelain dentures offer the functionality of a full set of natural teeth. Many times you hear elderly loved ones or patients complaining about not being able to eat steak anymore since they received their new set of plastic dentures. Cutting steak with plastic teeth is nearly impossible unless you have many years of practice and skill. With porcelain teeth, you are less limited to the foods that you are able to enjoy. These porcelain teeth are not only stronger than plastic, but they are more esthetic and natural-looking. 

While the transition from natural teeth to porcelain dentures would be the most effective long-term decision, this is also the more expensive option. Higher quality, as you know, typically comes with double the price tag. You do have to examine the replacement cost of dentures, however, as you do not want to replace these every few years due to inconvenience. 

Porcelain dentures are not fabricated by all dentists; therefore, you would have to research who fabricates them locally as you will need to go back to that dentist for multiple adjustments after your dentures are seated. Porcelain is also fragile; therefore you would need a local dentist to perform the repairs if they are broken.

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