My name is Dr Phil Hellmuth and I offer gold & platinum dentures in New York City. Modern dental technology is recommending full porcelain but I know about the long lasting advantages of using gold, platinum or palladium.

Gold & Platinum Dentures In New York City


We have best precious-metal dentures!

60% gold, platinum and palladium
 Best Price Solution "25%-Noble" with 25% precious metal
Luxury-Line with 85% gold
Platinum de luxe with +50% platinum
Silver, palladium, platinum alloys onrequest

We offer highest quality dentures made of gold, platinum and palladium. We prefer precious-metals over modern full porcelain dentures! Learn more about using gold and platinum for your dentures!

We offer white gold solutions!

Treatment plans are always free.

We only use the very best materials.

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium available.

Solution in 3 Easy Steps

Free Consultation

Consultation is always free. We sit-down and clarify your options. We also speak about the metals we can use. Gold and platinum enjoy high priority and a 100% success rate - especially for allergy patients. 

Treatment Plan

We create a treatment plan for you. Based on all information gathered, we recommend either gold dentures, platinum dentures or even a gold-platinum-palladium solution.  We also have a 25%-Noble package for limited budgets,


We get to work immediately after you approved the treatment plan. A highly experienced lab will create your precious-metal dentures and we work as long as need to make it fit perfectly. Adjustments are 100% free.


High Quality Gold Used



85% Au

High Grade Gold Alloys


Platinum Solutions




100% Guarantee


Expect a top-notch experience. Precious-metals are still the best solution for dentures. We know about that and we are going to make you happy. Get back to smile with gold, platinum and palladium.

Dr Phil Hellmuth


Gold Dentures


Platinum Dentures

Precious-MetalDental Success Stories

« I've been going here for six years now and every visit has been amazing.I really like this dentist, because they have hearting warming dentists who always make your experience right. I also got gold dentures and I do not regret it for one minute. »
Petra Green
New York. Manhattan
« Very polite and friendly staff. Greatest experience I have ever had with a dentist, would recommend this place to friends and family. I went for a 25% precious metal solution what was great for my budget, I love it. »
Amanda Phill
New York, Queens
« They did a great job cleaning my teeth. Best dentist ever! Clean office and the best gold dentures in town. It is worth the ride from Staten Island. »
Jessica Miller
New York, Staten Island

Gold Meets Technology

We use latest technology and we work very close with just one lab what ensures that we deliver only great labor and best quality. We use latest technology what makes it easy to pick the right treatment for you.

Dental Gold Recycling

We take our obligation for protecting the environment serious. We collect removed gold-dentures for recycling. A gold-refinery is processing our precious-metals twice a year what makes it possible that we can supply almost 50% of the gold we use just by recycling old dentures. Recycling helps the environment but also our patients as we are able to offer very competitive prices.

Learn more: Dental Gold Recycling

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